Adele Seronde

General background and education

Gardens have been an enduring part of Adele Seronde’s life since she was a chald in New England. Born in 1925, the daughter of a statesman father, artist mother, and grandparents who were all fervent gardeners, she spent many childhood weekens on the family far learning how to plant, weed and harvest flowers and crops. Her father’s words during those early years still ring in her ears: “If you have ideas, you are responsible for bringing them to life.”

That advice and those early gardens have been the force behind many of Adele’s life’s accomplishments as a poet, painter, mother, and grandmother, all the while creating gardens of her own, and weaving nature’s colors into her poetry and paintings.

The idea for this book began to germinate in 1987, when Adele joined a group on a tour to visit the Chalice Gardens of Glastonbury, England. So profoundly moved was she by the meaning and beauty of the Chalice Well that she felt her lifetime of loving nature had crystallized into a mission: to help emulate and create such gardens of the spirit can grow through the hearts and hands of enlightened communities.

Meanwhile, in 1995, Adele started Gardens for Humanity, based in Sedona, Arizona, which is still flourishing has spurred the creation of community gardens across the U.S. In her heart, Seronde believes that today more and more people are awakening to new love—and responsibility—for our sacred garden, the Earth.


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